Frequently Asked Qustions


QuestionWhen may I start a course?

Our courses start every Monday.

QuestionHow long can I study for?

You can study for a couple of days or for 2 years or for as long as your visa allows.

QuestionI am going to study for a longer period. What if I want to take a holiday during my course?

No problem we can incorporate a holiday into your course of study.

QuestionDoes English Advantage close for holidays?

Yes. We are closed over the Christmas period for about two weeks and for the statutory holidays through out the year for example Easter.

QuestionMay I try some classes before I decide to enrol?

Yes. You can sit in on an of our classes for free up to a maximum of 5 hours.

QuestionWill I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. After the completion of your course.

QuestionDo I have to buy the course book?

No. This is not complusory, however your teacher may advise a course book that you can purchase that will help you with your studies.

QuestionHow many levels are there in the school?

We have four Levels - Elementary, Pre intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.

QuestionHow are students allocated to classes?

We have a maximum of 10 students per class.

QuestionHow many students are there in the school?

We have between 20 - 35 students enrolled at our school at any one time throughout the year.

QuestionHow many teachers are there in the school?

4 Teachers 2 fulltime and 2 partime.

QuestionIf I need to be absent from the school, what should I do?

You can ring the school or send a Txt to our 24/7 number.

QuestionI am worried I cannot speak English very well. Will the English Advantage accept me?

Yes. We accept all levels of English.

QuestionWhat is the timetable?

Monday to Friday 9am until 3pm. Morning and Afternoon tea break at 10.30 and 2pm. Lunch from 12-1pm

QuestionWhat will I study in my General English Course?

Our General English Course covers writing, reading, listening and speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary development and grammar. It will help students improve their levels of fluency, accuracy and confidence in everyday communication.

QuestionWhat kind of facilities do you have?

Full kitchen facilities for students which include tea and coffee, milk and sugar, microwaves, fridge, hot water urn.
Lap tops, audio equipment, male and female bathroom, student library, free wireless network


QuestionHow do I pay?

You can pay by direct deposit, Eftpos or by cash/cheque. We do not accept credit cards.

QuestionWhen do I have to pay full fees?

Full fees are due before your course of Study when you are applying for a student visa.

QuestionCan I pay weekly?

Yes. If you are enrolled on a casual basis. Fees are due at the beginning of each week.

QuestionWhat happens if I want to cancel my course?

Refer to our refund policy

QuestionWhat happens to my fees if I have to apply for a visa to study in NZ and my visa application is not granted?

Your fees will be refunded less the administration fee and visa application fee.

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QuestionCan I choose a host family?

We take into careful consideration your needs and try to make a suitable match with a family that is available at the time.

QuestionMay I use the internet in my homestay?

Yes. Most homestays have wireless internet, you are not able to download any movies or songs as this is expensive in New Zealand.

QuestionCan I use the host family's kitchen to cook?

Yes. This is usually welcomed at a time that suits the family. This can be discussed at the beginning of your stay so you know exactly what you can and cannot do.

QuestionDo I do my own washing?

Yes. Or your homstay can also do this for you. This is discussed at the beginning of your stay.

QuestionWhat happens if I want to change my homestay leaving date?

Just discuss this with the Office Manager or the homestay.

QuestionHow does the school choose the family?

We visit them and make sure that they and their homes are suitable to host a student - We also do a police check and ring referees. We will not place any of our students with a family that we are not 100% happy with.
Usually the famiies have hosted other students for us over several years the years so we know that they are good families.

QuestionWill there be any other students in the family?

Sometimes a family does host more than one student if they have a big house and have more than one room available.

QuestionCan I invite my friends to my host family?

Yes. This is usually welcomed by your host family, make sure you ask them first.


QuestionDo I need a Visa to study at your school?

Yes. If you want to study longer than 3 months.

QuestionDo I need insurance?

Yes this is complusory. You can oraganise your own or we can organise for you.

QuestionWhat should I bring with me to the school?

Just you pens/ paper/ Morning tea and lunch. We have full kitchen facilities available for your use.

QuestionWhat happens on the first day at school?

You will fill out an enrollment form if you have not done so already and the Office Manager will go over the terms and conditions of study. You will have an entrance test.

QuestionCan I use the internet at school?

Yes. We will give you a login to our wireless network.

QuestionWhat happens if I need a doctor?

The office Manager will arrange an appointment for you or you can go to Urgent Doctors that is in the same building as English Advantge.

QuestionWhat can I do if I have a problem?

The Office Manager or any of the teaching staff are available at any time.

QuestionCan I open a bank account?

The Office Manger can help arrange a bank account for you on arrival.

QuestionCan the school arrange my airport transfer?

Yes. We will do this for free.

QuestionAre there any shops near the school?

Our school is very close to many shops, we are in the center of the city..

QuestionWhat time does the school open and close?

Our school opens from 8.30am and closes at 5.30pm (Monday to Friday).

QuestionMay I come to the school at the weekend?

No. We are closed during the weekend.

QuestionCan I stay at school after by class finishes?

Yes. Our school is open until 5.30pm. You are welcome to stay until then to study.

QuestionCan I have a discount on the course fees?

Yes. If you study for 12 weeks or more.

QuestionCan I use the internet at school?

Yes. We will give you a login to our wireless network.

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